I would like to raise awareness about one of our most important fundraising initiatives: the Child & Young Persons Sponsorship Programme

How does sponsoring a child differ from giving a one-off donation?

Most importantly it gives the boys a way to relate to a life outside of Rwanda:  they know that somebody, a real person with a personality cares, rather than an anonymous donor.

A sponsored child will write letters and send photos regularly so that the sponsor can see the difference their donation makes. A sponsor will be able to open a savings account for them, which they can access once they are adults and you will be more than welcome to visit them. (With advance warning please 🙂 )

Having regular donors means that we have the ability to plan ahead. Also it comforts us to have supporters who are actively engaged in our cause and operations.

Thank you to those who already sponsor us, and if you are interested to hear more about our programme please feel free to contact us

Facebook Child Sponsorship

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