I am Becky and co-founded Ubaka U Rwanda to assist, promote and sustain the amazing work I found being done with street children at a local level in Rwanda.

Rwanda has been on my heart since I learned about the genocide and poverty found in many areas, the more I learnt the more my heart broke for this country. In June 2008 I set out independently to Kigali curious to see how Rwanda was recovering and healing itself from such devastating tragedy. Here I met Usbyamahoro Evode (co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda).

Evode grew up as a street child himself and since becoming a Christian has devoted the past 5 years to befriending and assisting young people on the street. Through generating enthusiasm and relationships with local churches, organisations and schools he provided volunteers, school fees, food and clothing for the boys he assists. His work has resulted in many children returning home, getting an education for the first time and being adopted into families.

Despite this good work, at the end of the day most of the boys had to return back to the street and the vicious cycle of life continued until now. I rented a house with help from donations from friends in England and fundraising. Thanks to this over 30 boys now have a roof over their head and regular meals. More than that they have a sensation of home, surrounded by people who care about and believe in them, many of them for the first time in their lives. In order to maintain the centre, Ubaka U Rwanda was set up as a charity in England to help raise awareness and urgently needed funds.

Ultimately we want to set up more projects that can work out of the centre to enable the local community.