What impact will a Sponsorship have on a boy’s life?

Signing up for a Sponsorship program will guarantee that a boy will never be hungry again.

You will not only benefit the child itself but also their surrounding community. You will not only provide a child with a real future through their education but also allow them to participate in skill-based leisure activities and later complete an apprenticeship.

Our ultimate aim it to allow them to grow up as self-sufficient adults and to guarantee them a rewarding life-long existence.

What is the difference between Child’s and Young Person’s Sponsorship?

A Young Person’s Sponsorship will help a young man, who is more than 18 years of age. There are hundreds of them on the street, mostly having been orphaned during the 1994 genocide and left to fend for themselves.

Our center supports a group of these young adults who with our aid have managed to become both drug and alcohol-free and finished one year’s primary school education.

By supporting a young person with Ubaka U Rwanda you will provide an opportunity for them to go night school with intensive training so that within one year those who attend can finish their whole primary education. We would also like to offer these young men the opportunity to go to professional schools to learn a trade, so their future is more stable than their pasts.

How can I find out how my protégé is developing?

Ubaka U Rwanda will inform you regularly about the progress of your child. Your protégé will send you letters twice a year and you can write back to stay in regular contact with them. You can even go and visit them, this way you can experience yourself how your support affects the life of the boy

How much does a sponsorship cost?

A child sponsorship cost £18 a month which is only 61p a day! You can end the sponsorship at any time.

Can I give a Sponsorship as a gift?

You are welcome to give a  Sponsorship as a gift to family, a friend, or a colleague. Just ensure that you let us know the name of the recipient when you sign up. We are also able to send the recipient a gift certificate.

How do I sign up?

There are two ways to sign up to our Sponsorship scheme. Either sign up through your PayPal account or download our Sponsorship Form. For UK residents the downloaded form is preferable as it will give you the chance to gift-aid the donation and eliminate transaction fees.

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