We are committed to turning around the lives of homeless children and young people in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Our work helps  young people driven onto the streets by the combined effect of the 1994 genocide, rural poverty, and conflicts within families.

We founded a centre in 2008 that provides a desperately needed home for young people who have been orphaned, neglected or left in difficult situations. The centre provides shelter, education and guidance with the ultimate aim to help them live a self sufficient life.

We believe that everybody has a right to a life that can be lived. Notjust survived.

Ubaka U Rwanda Youth Centre

Our work is coordinated from our youth centre located in Kigali. It currently provides a home for 30 boys, provides education and medical care for about 20 more youths whose parents are unable to support them. The centre is run by Evode Usbyamahoro , who grew up a street child himself, and started the initiative in 2003. Learn more about the background to the centre …

Our Mission

To prevent and relieve poverty in Rwanda and to advance the Christian faith for the benefit of the public in accordance with the statement “the love of Christ compels us”.

Our vision and goals for the centre are to:

  1. to meet basic needs: food, clothing, sanitation, medical care, discipleship and protection from harm and provide shelter through accommodation at the centre;
  2. to provide emotional support;
  3. to assist with education, skill based training and work;
  4. to assist with reconciliation with families where possible;
  5. to enable step-by-step progression being sensitive to individual needs.

Through providing the above the young people will have the opportunity to develop into self-sustaining, happy, healthy, productive members of their communities.