Jack (14) has been with Ubaka U Rwanda for 2 years



Where did you live before you came to Ubaka U Rwanda?

When I grew up I lived with a man, who told me he was not really my father. I had to sleep out the front of the house, as he had locked the doors and when he returned one day he told me that he never wants to see me again. He took me by car to a bus stop and left me there. I was around 4 years old.

How did you survive?

A man at the bus stop asked me what was wrong. When I told him he took me to his mother’s house to do some chores, but in the morning they told me to leave. I slept in the woods for 2 nights where I fell and broke my arm. I went back to the man who raised me. He was not happy to see me, but let me stay until my arm was better, then he sent me away again.

Could the local authorities have helped you?

People who saw me sleeping at the bus station told me to go the Nyamirambo police station. They did not believe me at first, but then sent me to the “Gusimba Centre” orphanage. However they were full, and would not take me in so I had to return to the police station. I stayed there for more than a month, and they let me sleep inside the prison at night.

How did you get to Ubaka U Rwanda?

While I was staying at the prison, Evode came to pick up another boy. He said I could come with him, but the police officers would not let me go until they confirmed that Ubaka U Rwanda is ok.

How do you like it at Ubaka U Rwanda?

I love my life at the centre. Before I did not know anything about school and now I realised what I have missed. I try to make up for it and last year I was top of the class. My school and my parents (Evode and Becky) were so pleased that I was allowed to skip a year.

What are your chores at the centre?

Everyone in the centre is divided up into teams. I am in the cooking team, so I sometimes cook, or wash the dishes or help with the cleaning of the centre.

What would you like to do in the future?

I am thinking about 3 different jobs. I would like to become either a pilot, a highly educated doctor with my own clinic or maybe an ambassador.  But I am certain I will have a good future.
Now I want to concentrate on my study and obey everyone that says the truth.

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