This years holidays were filled with treats, crafts, visitors, and just general love and comfort. We could not have celebrated Christmas without the support from our volunteers and sponsors.

This year's Christmas Tree

One of our holiday visitors from the UK was Jenifer Mahon, a friend of Becky. She and Becky worked tremendously hard to transform the Ubaka center into a home.  On Christmas eve stocking was handmade, a snowman was molded, lights hung and finally a  Christmas tree decorated.

Everyone is busy crafting paper Christmas garlands


Jennifer filling the last stockings at 1 am in the morning

Jennifer brought stocking stuffers for all of the boys which included: toy soldiers, bouncy balls, candies, and underwear. Jennifer and Becky woke up during the middle of the night to stuff the stockings and place the presents under the tree. When the boys awoke the next morning they were pleasantly surprised.

On Christmas morning, it would be an understatement to say that the boys were excited, some could not figure out what to do with themselves. Yves could not stop giggling, Ishimwe kept running in and out of the house making sure that it was all real, and Dieudonne walked around saying “Merry Christmas!”

Every boy, no matter age, enjoyed every one of the gifts (underwear provided the most excitement!).

All and all Christmas was everything it should be; family, love, sweetness from freshly baked treats, and a house full of joy youth!

Happy New Year everyone and we hope you enjoyed your Christmas.

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