We had an exciting Christmas this year with our first nativity play at the centre.  The boys had never experienced a nativity play as it is a Western Christian tradition and so not very common in Africa.

We had a lot of fun making costumes, learning the story of Jesus’ birth and acting it out – if you want to see the end result (in English) it’s on our youtube page! We had a fun day opening our gifts with the boys each getting a gift this year thanks to a generous donation from David Sullivan.

Keza (Becky’s and Evode’s Baby) also seemed to enjoy her first Christmas but couldn’t keep awake for long!


Christmas Dinner!

After church and Christmas dinner (meat and rice with Fanta or sweet tea) we played some games. The boys were introduced to “pass the parcel”. I stupidly forgot to put the sweets in some layers!  The boys were convinced these ‘booby-trapped’ layers were part of the game and made it more entertaining. Other games included musical bumps and statues.

Boxing day held was in the Rwandan tradition. The Rwandan charity Umva Nshuti brought Ubaka U Rwanda together with another centre for street children. We enjoyed a day of food and fun. Our boys did the cooking and were brilliant hosts – showing off their traditional dance skills and gymnastics. It was wonderful to share our different experiences of Christmas with the boys!


Dancing on Boxing Day


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