Today I would like to raise awareness of an exciting new web service that allows users to browse the internet, and raise money for charity by doing so. is a UK search engine, whose business model is to generate money mainly through advertisement. For every £1 raised they give 50p to charity. The website is powered by the Yahoo! search engine and eBay, and your results would be the same if you used their services directly.

Last week I tried out the service and realised that in a working day, while browsing the web for contact details of companies, I can easely raise around £3! Best of all I do not have to use my own money.

It could not be simpler:

  1. Sign up to and choose Ubaka U Rwanda.
  2. Use the search engine to search the web and click on lots of the results. (You only make money if you click on the links.)
  3. Then after 3 minutes check and find out how much you have raised. (The count will be updated every 3 minutes.)

Up until now, we have raised around £25 for Ubaka U Rwanda. Not much, I know, but we have only 3 registered users! If all of our supporters signed up, and made around 3 searches a day, we could go along way to covering our monthly income!

Try it now!

Or type a keyword in the box below. Click search and click on one of the research links.


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  • 30 August, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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