Last year we were proud to send our first boy off to boarding school. Now it is 2012, and we are excited  to announce that two of our boys were accepted to attend boarding schools. Denys will visit a secondary school in Masango, and Big Jack in Gakenke.

Because both boys were off to different schools on the same day, we had to decide how to take them.

Big Jack’s father was killed in the genocide, but he is lucky to have a loving mother. Denys is an orphan so we decided it would be best to accompany him to his new school. Jack’s mother would accompany Jack.

All of the boys were very excited and helped out where they could as the two scholars prepared to leave.

We parted ways with Jack and his mother in Nyabugogo.

The secondary school for Denys was far off the beaten path and took two hours by bus to reach. Denys appeared calm and relaxed when we arrived, but when he was asked how he was feeling, he admitted he was nervous to leave home and be far away. But when the prospect of new friends was introduced to him, he said bluntly “I come to school to study much.” We believe he will in deed study much and succeed, and we are sure he will make plenty of new friends as well.

“Santa,” as the boys call him, has a long way to go before he becomes the doctor he wants to be but he is now one step closer. We are so proud of Big Jack and Denys, and thank everyone for their continued support.

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