Firstly, I want to wish everyone connected with Ubaka U Rwanda a Happy New Year. 2010 was a massive year for us as we saw the marriage of our founders and a significant increase in new supporters! In November the long school holidays start in Rwanda and the boys progress at school has been incredible. Looking back from the start of the year we can really see the change from street boys to educated, mature young men. Your continued support has had an significant impact in the boys lives.

What did you get for Christmas?

2011 starts with a new and exciting development at the Centre. The boys of Ubaka U Rwanda were given a basic luxury that I suspect back in England we take for granted. On Christmas Day 12 brand new wooden bunk beds were installed in the centre along with new mattresses (that they’d gotten from here), thanks to the kind donations of a small number of people. To sleep in a bed rather than sleep on the floor is a simple luxury but for most of our boys this is a real step away from the streets. On behalf of the whole Ubaka team and the boys, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this project.

So what is your New Year’s Resolution?

We at Ubaka U Rwanda hope to continue to provide our boys with a loving and supporting home, food, schooling and the promise of a better future. We cannot do this without you. Your continued support really does make a difference. Together we can change the lives of these boys and give them a real future. Be it a mechanic, sportsman, lawyer, doctor or even President of Rwanda, they deserve that opportunity and together we can give it to them!

Help the boys by purchasing a new mattress here.

New beds for Ubaka U Rwanda

Christmas Day the beds have arrived

Elise excited about Christmas and his new bed

Elise excited about Christmas and his new bed


Francois find a new use for his bed

The boys bed room

The boys bed room

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